Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tips on How To Buy Home

You are interested in buying a home or secondary 14 (second) or second-hand homes?

Wait a minute! Before deciding to buy a home a 14, it's good to follow the following strategy so as not to regret later on:

1. Check the condition of the House

Don't believe it with the look of the facade of the House or the promotion of home sellers. As consideration, invite friends or architects who understood about whether or not the building is worth.

Consider the durability of the wall, are there any cracks or moisture due to water leaking? It's also important you see termite attack is by recognizing the symbols.

Don't be lulled by the interior of the building, check the age of the building, when was the last renovation was done.

Jelly see the age of the buildings associated with the safety of you and other family members.

Note also the air circulation that goes out enter the room. Check the completeness of the ventilation and lighting.

Less space takes into account the adequacy of ventilation and lighting will cause moisture. Humidity very well liked termites and fungi, the result of a room smelling and unhealthy.

Checks the existence of a source of water. As is known, the water is very important for the family's needs. Make sure water sources such as wells has the ideal distance with septic tank i.e. 10 square meters.

If the ideal distance is not filled, the water will be polluted predictably and certainly not worthy of consumption.

Check also the supporting electrical power. Whether the previous homeowners troubled with seal meter or not. Lest you should suffer the high fines because the meter is problematic.

2. Check the status of home ownership

After checking the physical condition of the building, let the jelly check the status of home ownership. Take a look and make sure the House has a license and certificate of ownership.

Check whether the House has the problem of dispute due to problems of inheritance. Heritage homes generally have many heirs, to know whether all the heirs agreed to the sale of the House. If it turns out the dispute, you better re-think to buy it.